Are you feeling called to sink deeper into your connection with the earth?

Join me in Florida for an immersive weekend-long workshop where we’ll connect with the nature spirits in this rare and unique coastal ecosystem, learn energy techniques to do healing work with the land, and decode the mystery behind earth energies like portals and grids.


With nature, the ancestors and your guides to bring your inherent gifts forward in this lifetime.


Assemble your ethereal support team and get to know and understand the place you live and how you belong to it.


Get to know the energies present in the land where you live and respectfully offer your assistance with a variety of clearing and healing methods.


Practice clearing and protecting your own energy field, keeping your home energetically neutral, releasing your fears, and working with the high-vibe energy of the earth.

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Earth Tenders Academy LIVE is on

Saturday, October 16 - Sunday, October 17

At Alive + Kicking 30A

in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

The weekend will include presentations of the course material, shamanic journeying to explore and experience the concepts discussed, and immersive experiences out in nature!

Earth Tenders Academy Live

Includes Nine Engaging Sessions

  • Sacred Sovereignty - Learn how to set the stage to work with spirit in the middle world (that’s where the Spirits of the Land reside!). You’ll learn how to clear and protect your own energy field and the energy of your home.

  • Illuminate Your Path - We’ll talk about dealing with and releasing fear in your spiritual journeys

  • Exchange Form for Frequency - What is vibration and frequency and how can we use it to interact with Earth energies and do healing work?

  • Sense Your Surroundings - You’ll have a little pre-event work to get to know the place you live on a deeper level before we engage with the energies there
  • Assemble Your Ethereal Support Team - We’ll meet and get acquainted with the Spirits of the Land

  • Align with Earth Energies- All about portals, grids, stargates and the Earth’s Living Library

  • Become Multidimensional - Working with timelines and journeying outside of time and space

  • Embodying the Pillar of Light - Learning how to do energy work with the land including preparing for healing work and different methods you can use

  • Activate Your Ascension Contract - Explore how you can share your healing gifts with the Earth and others


Our event host is Alive + Kicking 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Transportation and lodging is on your own.

We’ll have a Facebook event for our group so you can coordinate carpooling, shared lodging, or pre or post event outings with other attendees.

Event begins at 10am on Saturday and concludes at 3pm on Sunday.

Image credit: Alive + Kicking 30A


  • All workshops and guided meditations with Amy Dempster of Following Hawks

  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

  • Sound bath with Earth Tender Chrisnelle Joie to integrate your experience

  • All Earth Tenders Academy online course material and future live calls

  • A gift to take home and remember your weekend

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The white sand beaches overlooking the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida panhandle are holding an incredible depth of energy and wisdom. The fine granules of sand are actually made up of nearly 100% quartz crystals!

At the end of the last Ice Age when the world temperatures began warming and the ice caps began melting, large volumes of water were carried by the Apalachicola River in the Appalachians to the Gulf of Mexico.

This water carried the quartz particles from the rock that forms the Appalachian Mountains and deposited them in the Gulf of Mexico, just 125 miles to the east of what is now Destin. The white quartz dunes create a rare coastal ecosystem - freshwater dune lakes - full of aquatic wildlife and home to 13 imperiled species of plants and animals.

During the workshop, we’ll be connecting with the energies of this unique location!


Payment plan options available:

Until August 15th

Three payments of $199.66

Until September 15th

Two payments of $299.50

Bring a friend and you’ll each get $50 back!

Enter your friend’s name at check out and when you both register, we’ll send you each $50 back

To create an intimate and comfortable environment for the weekend, seating is very limited.

Your host and guide:

I'm Amy Dempster from Following Hawks and I believe in the healing power of the earth.

Over the past decade my guides have been teaching me how to communicate and collaborate with the spirits of the natural world.

Along the way I have learned how to communicate with nature spirits, work with earth energies like portals and grids and clear stuck and traumatic energy from the land.

I can't wait to walk this path with you in the Earth Tenders Academy!


Where should I fly into and stay?

The closest airport is the Destin - Fort Walton Beach airport only 30 miles away. Other options are Panama City (37 mi) or Pensacola (70 mi).

Santa Rosa Beach is one of the small beach towns nestled along County Road 30-A and the larger destination is often just referred to as “30A”. Most of the lodging in the area will be homes, cottages and condos that you can find on AirBNB or VRBO.

If you’d like to find someone to share accommodations with, be sure to post in our private Facebook group.

What will the weather be like?

October in the Florida panhandle is often known as the local’s secret! Summer crowds are gone, hurricane season is wrapping up, and the gulf is still warm enough for swimming. The average high is 80 degrees and average low is 50 degrees.

Will we be sitting on the floor all weekend?

Nope! Although the venue is a yoga and meditation studio, we will have tables and chairs so you can sit comfortably and take notes. You’ll definitely be able to lie down for the sound bath and our outdoor meditations will include a short walk to the beach (where we’ll sit on the ground).

Do you offer refunds?

No, all payments are non refundable. If for some reason the event has to be cancelled, you will be issued a full refund.

Other questions??